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The 3 Best Shooting Targets for Thrill seekers

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If you don’t want everyone to know you’re a rookie, the most important thing you can do is not be afraid as chances are your range holds classes, so take advantage of that. Every shooter has their favorite targets, and this often reflects on what they look to get out of their hobby. We spent many hours on videography to review the top options, only to reveal that you’ll never be a skilled marksman if you don’t have a reliable indication of how you’re performing, so our selections will help you hone your skills.

For most of human history, if you missed your prey, your family didn’t eat ar you didn’t come home to your family, and as a result, marksmanship competitions have been a staple of civic exhibitions, although the first purely social clubs cropped up around the 13th or 14th century C.E. Long range shooters might be shooting at steel, while younger shooters may be making a mess shooting fresh fruit, so shooter’s target is a direct reflection of what they want to accomplish. A good way of creating a rich target is to pack different targets, to set many of them up and create a course of fire and then attempting to hit them, but the important thing is to try as many types of targets as you can, as it will be making you a better shooter and revitalize the shooting experience. If your practice routine has gotten stale, you should know that you don’t have to use boring targets as you can make practicing more fun, by using some that glow in the dark, if you want to host a “Chernobyl Night” party and you can also get creative anything that pops or makes a huge mess, like soda cans.Practicing is a necessity, which is why we’ve taken a look at some of the options on the market.

  1. Champion Clay Targets

Most shooters have shot at clay targets if they’ve ever used a shotgun, but these inexpensive targets are highly visible and can be shot at with a rifle, posing a tough target, but providing instant visual feedback.

  1. Splatterburst Silhouette

The fluorescent impact holes are visible, so if you have an outdoor range, you can still see where you hit: they have immediate feedback and a bright red center mass bull’s eye.

  1. Big Dawg Targets

The additional added bonus is that you do not have to constantly roll the target and we also liked the fact that, due to the robust nature, you can take them outside and they’ll hold firm, thus improving your shot. Big Dawg’s silhouette reactive splatter shooting target offers superiority as it comes in at twice that of many other shooting targets, adding an element of realism, and a key feature is the bright fluorescent splatters, useful particularly from a distance. A potential drawback is the price, but we feel that you get exactly what you pay for: a product which is great for the advanced shooter.


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