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Shooting Ranges in Warsaw and other adventurous activities

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Warsaw was almost completely destroyed but the city government did really well at restoring the old historical buildings and now, Warsaw is one of the most popular cities and it is visited by million tourists, so, here is our list with things to do. As Warsaw develops into a modern city, you’ll be able to locate hidden bars and cool museums, but we’ve also made up this list of the most exhilarating things to do. Warsaw is the capital of Poland with about 2 million people living there, located to the east of the center of Poland, a 2,5-3-hour train ride to other major cities: Wroclaw, and Gdansk (surprisingly, by car it can take 3-4 hours).

There are so many things to do in Poland, so read all you need to know about our selected list of off the beaten experiences when visiting. This destination is becoming more and more important these days.

  1. PM Shooter

During the event you may try the iconic AK-47 Kalashnikov (full automatic fire), Heckler & Koch SL-8 – based on the G36, and they are also one of the very few to have in their inventory the famous Sig Sauer P226 X-Five, as well full automatic firearms (submachine guns). It is a great way to spend time in a team building, as they are able to provide catering and shooting from many types of firearms, in Warsaw, at a very atmospheric place. Their instructors will watch over the participants and ensure that guests do not miss drinks, and the event may be tailored to customer requirements, adjusting their offer if you contact them.

  1. Indoor skydiving

Flyspot is the first wind tunnel, simply a vertical tunnel where an airstream of speed is created, so if you want to feel free there is no better place to have an adventure comparable to a parachute jump, just less dangerous. At FlySpot you don’t need skydiving gear to head into the wind tunnel, where you’ll get to fly up and down, feeling just like being in the air, and afterwards you can get photos and can enjoy a beer. There are offers for kids also for those who have done it several times, and there is an option for organized groups, in order to stop the monotonous weekends with something different together with your friends.

  1. Archery Games

Archery Games are a combination of paintball adrenaline and archery precision, ensuring an unforgettable adventure, and they guarantee the highest standards, providing you with the apposite soft foam arrowheads, so that you’ll enjoy using professional bow for a truly enriching archery experience, as these are no toy. Fight your friends wherever you want, as they’ll set up the battle field, provide you with the mask that guarantee safety and high-quality equipment, as well as teach you how to shoot, so you’ll soon discover that archery is not rocket science! Don’t worry if you are alone: simply join the list as there are enough people who will want to play with you.

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