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How to get involved in the Shooting Sport in Poland

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Shooting guns can make the heart race and sometimes even leads to nausea, but feel-good chemicals can also flood the brains as you look down the sight of a gun and slowly exhale. After mass shootings, some countries tried to regulate gun ownership and tougher gun laws have been central to these efforts, so how is gun control in Poland? Poland has long had some of the strictest regimes, surpassed only by a handful of countries, and although the roots of this policy are difficult to pinpoint, it might have something to do with the Soviet-imposed communist rule where private militias must have been seen as a grave threat to the personal safety.

The Polish Sport Shooting Federation is the Polish association for sport shooting under the International Shooting Sport Federation, Munchen and affiliated by Polish Olympic Committee, Poland. The ISSF International Shooting Sport Federation is composed of those Organizations which are recognized as the sole controlling body of amateur shooting sports, and membership is open to one Federation from each country at present. When inhabitants become national news, it is often because of a shocking incident or tragedy, with injured, leaving the community reeling, so many are questioning the future of large-scale festivals even in remote locations.

About 72% of US adults have fired a gun, which means most of America is familiar with the experience. In some countries, there are the basic steps for how most people buy a gun, with exceptions for specialized professions. It’s not only music industry, as thirty people are shot dead in America each day, and it could be more the next day, as the United State’s gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than other countries.

Liberals argue that legal restrictions could save lives, while conservatives are trying to change the behavior of criminals, although it is not enough to convince American lawmakers to pass new gun control laws. GrotGun has a good location, an unique indoor-shooting range, high professional service and weapons from II World War, so you can  book your appointment if you want to use their service by sending an email or calling them on. Let them know your preferred time, information about shooting package or use the form if you want to make a prior reservation, as they don’t have any standard open hours.

At Gun Shooting in Warszawa the price ranges around 29 € per person, but they have a flexible start, private groups and you get to shoot a Kalashnikov gun among the wide variety of guns, on a stag bachelor weekend. Here you get access to the guns, equipment rental, a dedicated range safety officer, an English speaking instructor, and you can always upgrade your experience in the next step of your booking. If you want to shoot the really heavy guns such as movies famous Glock or machine gun Glauberyt, you need to know that they are provided in the premium additional package with them, if you would like to try it at the best Warsaw shooting range.

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